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Čtenářské konto

Reg. Anniversaries

Alois Adolf
   narozen16.08. 1861  (156 let)
Karel Brož
   narozen16.08. 1901  (116 let)
Zlatko Červený
   narozen16.08. 1920  (97 let)

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Price List

(abridgment, valid from 1. 5. 2013)

Registration fees
permanent library card 20,- Kč
children to 15 years 10,- Kč
registration fee (1 year) users over 15 years 100,- Kč
children under 15 years 40,- Kč
disabled person 50,- Kč
disabled person under 15 years 20,- Kč
for organisations 400,- Kč
fee for library card replacement, 1st 50,- Kč
childern to 15 years 20,- Kč
fee for library card replacement, 2nd 100,- Kč
childern to 15 years 40,- Kč
fee for library card replacement, 3rd and more 200,- Kč
childern to 15 years 100,- Kč
authorization of the library card 2,- Kč

for all users free
Reservation: 6,- Kč
Interlibrary Loan:
shipping and packaging (for each loan) 50,- Kč (for each loan)
copies according to the price list of addressed institutions
from abroad according to the price list of the National library in Prague
Research Services:
flat fee for ordered search 50,- Kč
1 record (databases) 1,- Kč
1 record (traditional) 2,- Kč
Photocopies, printing:
BW, one page, A3, A4 format 2,- Kč
colour, one page, A4 format 15,- Kč
printing of the user's account 2,- Kč/A4

Fine for late return of library material:
for each volume and 7 days 5,- Kč
children to 15 years 2,-Kč
CD, LP, MC, DVD (music dpt.)
for each volume and 1 day 5,- Kč
for each volume and 1 day 10,- Kč
Interlibrary Loan:
1st overdue notice 10,- Kč for each volume
2nd overdue notice 50,- Kč for each volume
3rd overdue notice 100,- Kč for each volume
Preparatory steps for judicial collection
all kinds of documents 500,- Kč

Historical archives (Zlatá Koruna)

tours (visits) 100,- Kč 1 person
Research Services:
demanding bibliographical inquiry/1 hour 150,- Kč
demanding combined bibliographical search/1 hour 180,- Kč
Office work:
office work/1 hour 50,- Kč

1) Agreement with copying of library stock for purposes:
a) scientific: free
b) popular literature (1 copy) 250,-Kč
c) commercial publications (1 copy) 500,-Kč
2) Digital copies:
digital copy of a map (1 copy) 500,-Kč
3) Agreement with publication of library stock in edition:
- 5% of marketable price of the publication (and the whole impression) or
- fixed amount plus 0,5% of marketable price of each sold publication
In all cases of using copies of library stock for publication users have to name the Research Library of South Bohemia and the title of the origin document.

Last change: 04.01.2017 v 12.05