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Čtenářské konto

Reg. Anniversaries

Čeněk Habart
   zemřel24.05. 1942  (75 let)
Josef Kostohryz
   zemřel24.05. 1987  (30 let)
Bedřich Mudroch
   zemřel24.05. 1962  (55 let)
František Dobromysl Trnka
   zemřel24.05. 1837  (180 let)

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Registration Conditions

It is required:

  • an identification card, to pay a one year registration fee
  • parents' approval if a reader is under 15 years of age
  • for home lending we request a residence permit in the Czech republic or European Union

Unregistered readers are allowed to use services on the spot if they pay a rated fee.

Rules and Regulations (Czech only)

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